PSI: Vonis Ahok Memperburuk Citra Indonesia di Mata Dunia

Indonesia di Mata Dunia

PSI: Vonis Ahok Memperburuk Citra Indonesia di Mata Dunia

POLITIKBERSUARA.TK – Dalam kasus penodaan agama, vonis Majelis Hakim Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Utara terhadap Basuki Tjahaja Purnama masih menuai pro dan kontra. Kali ini, pernyataan bernada kontra dilayangkan Ketua DPP Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI) Isyana Bagoes Oka.

Isyana mengkritik kalau vonis hakim Dwiarso dan kawan-kawan itu mencoreng citra Indonesia di mata dunia.

“Jika kita membaca laporan media internasional dan lembaga HAM internasional, vonis atas Ahok memberikan citra yang buruk bagi Indonesia yang intoleran,” ujar Isyana lewat keterangan persnya Kamis (11/5/2017).


Isyana menyayangkan ‘frame’ media internasional tersebut. Tetapi, mantan presenter cantik dibeberapa televisi di Indonesia tersebut bisa memakluminya. Justru, karena keputusan hakimlah yang dinilai menjadi sumber citra negatif dunia tersebut.

“Indonesia merupakan negeri yang toleran serta menerima kebinekaan. Namun karena vonis hakim terhadap Ahok yang berlebihan di atas tuntutan jaksa yang mengubah citra positif Indonesia di internasional,” ujar Isyana.

PSI pun mendukung langkah Basuki untuk mengajukan banding ke pengadilan tinggi. Dia berharap hakim di pengadilan tinggi bertindak netral dan mampu menyelamatkan citra Indonesia dengan membebaskan Basuki.

“Ahok harus dibebaskan dari semua tuduhan. Vonis (hakim) itu menjadi tanda buruk bagi kehidupan toleransi dan kedamaian di negeri ini,” ujar Isyana.

Seperti yang kita ketahui, keputusan majelis hakim menilai Ahok terbukti menodai agama dan menjatuhkan hukuman dua tahun penjara. Majelis hakim juga memerintahkan agar Ahok langsung segera ditahan.

“Terbukti secara sah dan meyakinkan bersalah melakukan tindak pidana penodaan agama, menjatuhkan putusan pada terdakwa dengan pidana penjara selama 2 tahun dan Memerintahkan agar terdakwa langsung ditahan,” kata Dwiarso, salah satu hakim.

Pihak Basuki langsung mendaftarkan banding ke Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Utara. Pihak Basuki juga memohon penangguhan penahanan. Banyak pihak juga yang bersedia menjamin Ahok.

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    18. The MSM does not touch the daily events. NPR tried to pretend to cover the full history over the years. Pretended. Ilan Pappe out on the front lines decades ago. Phil thanks for the updates. Would be amazing to be there. Thanks again. This movement is growing by leaps and bounds while things only get worse for the Palestinians on the ground.

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    93. what and amazingly beautiful pub! Looks like a good night was had by all and I LOVE the sunset dress, I would love to have one of those. Lots. x

    94. Hurricane Sandy gave us the opportunity to practice what we preach at AES through our experiment in working from home. That’s my living room on the left. Looking forward to future opportunities to work from

    95. Hi Keith, thanks for the comment. Certainly avoiding the news doesn’t make us any safer, and we ought to know when our neighbors are hurting. What I don’t know that I need to know is about every sad story across the country, which is what the news tends to focus on–interspersed with “heartwarming” stories about people we usually don’t know. I’m hoping that spending less time listening to NPR will give me more time to learn both and good and the bad about people in my community, but time will tell.

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    109. what’s up Kevin that sounds like a good summer. Rancho is a good school. Make sure you get down to the beach before summer is over and get some swimming in. Let me know how that goes sir. Good to hear from you

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    114. Glad you are doing okay, Gracie! We get lots of rain here too and sometimes it brings loud noises and bright bolts of flashing light with it!! Nice to hear your Daddy has a good tummy to fluff on… we gave him a special shout out on a special post we did on October 4th in honor of of the Feast of St. Francis and Pet Blessings!

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    132. Dear Winn, your posts have, of late, been some of the most profound, tender, vulnerable and useful I have ever read from you. I can only hope that a collection of your journeyings through marriage and parenthood might some day make their way into the bound up pages of a book.

    133. By Vanquishor 31 August 2004 – 9:48 amLoL DragMan, GOOD CALL, watch out Willigan may be back tho Your Welcome WhiteWolf, and do a search on “Demonoid” while you’re at it, am sure we can get you underway!

    134. Thanks so much for the feature….you picked my favorite bracelet…been thinking of taking it out of Etsy and wearing it myself….also, thanks for the Tweet and FB shouts…you are amazing…have a great week…

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